Oz-e-science mapped to the Australian Curriculum

Sep 19
Good to Great Schools Australia (GGSA) has launched mapping to assist schools using Oz-e-science to understand how it meets the Australian Curriculum V8.4. 

Oz-e-science Mapped to the Australian Curriculum sets out the science standards and learning area sub-strands of the Australian Curriculum V8.4 and shows how the program meets them. 

Oz-e-science is a Foundation to Year 6 science curriculum program featuring explicit teaching. It includes everything teachers need to effectively teach science, including lesson presentations, teaching guides and student workbooks. With engaging units in Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space and Physics, this program has been designed to make students fall in love with learning. 

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About Oz-e-science F-6  

Australia's only science program featuring explicit teaching. 
 sequenced learning progressions
built-in pedagogical teaching techniques and practices
systematic, logical and structured approach 
builds on students' previously acquired learning 
enables students to master skills before progressing 
achieves cognitive growth in every lesson. 
strikes right balance between teacher-directed instruction and inquiry learning strategies
Gets students to fall in love with knowledge
 engages the natural curiosity of students 
develops a love of science 
develops a sense of wonder about the universe 
makes science a part of each student's life journey 
fosters understanding of the power and potential of scientific endeavour
Access a complete toolkit of read-to-deliver resources 
 classroom-ready lesson presentations  
assessment framework
student workbooks
teaching guides 
teacher professional learning module 
Develop the confidence to teach science
 provides all the background information and content teachers need
 teaching guides and multimedia presentations enable explicit teaching
online professional learning module explores the instructional strategies, resources, unit components, inquiry skills and more. 

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