Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy’s Gathering 2021

The Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy (CYAAA) Gathering 2021 was held in January, bringing together school teams and GGSA over five days to consolidate a common vision for the year.

GGSA Training Manager Troy Bullock, and Sheri Wilkins, our Teaching Coach, introduced participants to the new online module format of training, which makes all training available remotely through the Mastery Teaching Pathway [UPDATE LINK]. This improves accessibility and allows participants to revisit components of their training.

New members of the school team focused on program-specific training with their coach, while returning staff focused on training to unpack aspects of the 8 Cycles of School Practice [UPDATE LINK]. A total of 20 different modules were completed by over 30 attendees!

GGSA Founder and Co-Chair Noel Pearson provided a talk on the ‘simple view of functional grammar’, leading into whole-school workshops on community and behaviour. On Friday the principals and Lara Graves, our School Improvement Coach, workshopped the Annual Implementation Plan and Professional Learning Plan with the school team, before unpacking the curriculum and our new Oz-e-math, Oz-e-writing and Oz-e-science materials.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a successful and productive Gathering to set up CYAAA campuses for the year.