Indigenous Culture Homelands

Foundation Year – My Place, Our Place
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Students learn what paths are and how oral stories and maps can be used as a way to show us where things are while gaining knowledge of how knowing the land and where to find things can serve as a means of survival. Students explore the different environments in which plants and animals live, and they learn that all living things have requirements for survival that need to be met by the places where they live.
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 17, students learn to:
  • identify what a map is
  • make a model of their classroom
  • describe the location of places on a map
  • identify their place on Earth using a globe
  • describe the features of places
  • describe how the features of a school are used
  • document the flora and fauna that live in a place
  • compare the features of two places
  • identify different types of pollution in their environment
  • describe how our school environment can be cared for
  • acknowledge the First People of Australia and their connection to Land
  • identify and describe the seasons
  • describe the features of the school playground
  • create a map that includes the features of the school playground
  • identify and describe changes that may happen to the school playground
  • describe how to care for the school playground
  • present their school playground portfolio.
  • Knowledge and Understanding Test (Lesson 18)
  • Assessment Task - Portfolio (Lessons 13-17)
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: Introduction to Maps
Lesson 2: Making Models of Places
Lesson 3: Describing Location
Lesson 4: Our Place in the World
Lesson 5: Features of a Place
Lesson 6: Use of Features
Lesson 7: Use of Features
Lesson 8: Comparing Places
Lesson 9: Pollution
Lesson 10: Caring for our School Environment
Lesson 11: Acknowledging Our First People
Lesson 12: The Seasons
Lesson 13: Portfolio item: Our Playground
Lesson 14: Portfolio item: Map of Our School Playground
Lesson 15: Portfolio item: Changes to our school playground
Lesson 16: Portfolio item: Caring for the Playground
Lesson 17: Portfolio Presentation

Lesson Objectives

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