Indigenous Culture Homelands

Year 2 - Our Connections to Place
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Students explore places across a range of scales within Australia and Australia’s location in the world. Students represent and describe the position of objects on maps and within their local area. They gather, organise and display data on the places people have visited in Australia and examine the factors influencing people’s access to places. They discuss connections people have with places, both locally and globally.
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 18, students learn to:
  • identify features of familiar places
  • use direction words to describe the location of local places
  • infer reasons for the location of features within a local place
  • describe and represent places at the regional and national scales
  • describe and represent places at the world regional scale
  • describe their connections to local places
  • identify factors that influence people’s connections to places
  • sort and record data in tables about connections to places farther away
  • describe a place of significance
  • identify why significant places should be preserved
  • choose a familiar place to study
  • pose questions about a familiar place
  • record information from observations
  • interpret observations to make conclusions and suggest actions
  • design a poster to present their findings
  • share their poster with classmates.
  • Knowledge and Understanding Test (Lesson 18)
  • Assessment Tasks for Portfolio (Lessons 11–17)
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: Features of Familiar Places
Lesson 2: Describing Local Sites
Lesson 3: Features of Local Sites
Lesson 4: Regional and National Scale
Lesson 5: Our Place on the Globe
Lesson 6: Describing Local Connections
Lesson 7: Influence on Connections
Lesson 8: Connections to Places Farther Away
Lesson 9: Significant Places
Lesson 10: Preserving Local Places
Lesson 11: A Familiar Place
Lesson 12: Inquiry Questions
Lesson 13: Observations
Lesson 14: Drawing Conclusions and Suggested Actions
Lesson 15: Present Findings 1
Lesson 16: Present Findings 2
Lesson 17: Sharing
Lesson 18: Content Test

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