Indigenous Culture Homelands

Year 6 – Our Diverse and Connected World
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Students develop an understanding of place, space, environment, interconnection and change. They explore the diverse environments, peoples and cultures within the Asia region and at a global level (space, place and environment) and expand their mental map of the world. Students examine Australia’s various connections with other countries and places throughout the world, how these are changing, and the effects of these interconnections (interconnections, change).
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 31, students learn to:
  • identify characteristics that make places different from each other
  • describe the location of places in absolute terms
  • examine the environmental diversity of Australia and Asia
  • examine the demographic diversity of Australia and Asia
  • examine the economic diversity of Australia and Asia
  • graph the social diversity of Australia and Asia
  • identify factors that influence their personal connection with global places
  • summarise Australia’s interconnections with other places in the world
  • describe how Australia’s connections change places and affect people
  • explore geographical challenges
  • develop appropriate geographical questions to frame an inquiry
  • locate, collect and organise useful data and information from secondary sources
  • write a questionnaire to collect primary data
  • represent primary data in a graph
  • list the effects of possible responses to a geographical challenge
  • make and justify a proposal of action to a geographical challenge
  • present findings and ideas in digital form.
  • Knowledge and Understanding Test (Lesson 18)
  • Assessment Tasks for Portfolio (Lessons 10–17)
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: Defining Diversity
Lesson 2: Mapping Places
Lesson 3: Environmental Diversity
Lesson 4: Demographic Diversity
Lesson 5: Economic Diversity
Lesson 6: Social Diversity
Lesson 7: Our Connection to Places
Lesson 8: Australia’s Global Connections
Lesson 9: The Effect of Australia’s Connections
Lesson 10: Geographical Challenges
Lesson 11: Geographical Questions
Lesson 12: Secondary Sources
Lesson 13: Primary Sources
Lesson 14: Representing Data
Lesson 15: Proposed Actions
Lesson 16: Propose and Justify
Lesson 17: Presenting Findings
Lesson 18: Content Test

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