Health and Physical Education

Unit 1 – Year 2 – Jump Like a Kangaroo, Run Like an Emu
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In Jump Like a Kangaroo, Run Like an Emu, students will develop stability skills to control balance, locomotion skills, object manipulation, springs and landings through active play- based games.
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 6, students learn to:        
  1. maintain balance       
  2. maintain balance while running       
  3. spin a hula hoop  
  4. jump and land     
  5. jump a long skipping rope
  6. skip forwards and backwards using a short skipping rope.
Observations of individual skill components during each lesson and formal assessment in Lessons 8 and 9. Students to be assessed on performance of skill and active involvement in class activities.
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: Balance
Lesson 2: Balance and running
Lesson 3: Hula hoop spin
Lesson 4: Jump and land
Lesson 5: Jump and land
Lesson 6: Skipping with long rope
Lesson 7: Skipping with short rope
Lesson 8: Assessment
Lesson 9: Assessment

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