Health and Physical Education

Unit 1 – Year 5 – Soccer
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In Soccer, students will perform and combine specialised movement skills and strategies to discover the biggest game in the world – the game of soccer.
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 7, students learn to:          
  • kick and dribble a soccer ball      
  • kick, dribble and pass a soccer ball      
  • throw and trap a soccer ball  
  • kick a soccer ball at a stationary and moving target
  • tackle to gain possession of a ball      
  • use hands and body to stop a moving ball in the game of soccer      
  • strike when shooting for a goal.
Observations of individual skill components during each lesson and formal assessment in Lessons 8 and 9. Students to be assessed on performance of skill and active involvement in class activities.
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: Kicking and dribbling a soccer ball
Lesson 2: Kicking and dribbling a soccer ball
Lesson 3: Throwing and trapping a soccer ball
Lesson 4: Directional kicking
Lesson 5: Tackling
Lesson 6: Stopping a moving ball
Lesson 7: Directional striking
Lesson 8: Assessment Lesson 9: Assessment

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