Health and Physical Education

Unit 1 – Year 6 – Netball and Fitness Fun
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In Netball and Fitness Fun, students will explore the components of fitness and participate in focused activities designed to enhance their performance in the game of netball.   
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 7, students learn to:       
  1. chest pass and lob pass in a modified game of netball      
  2. shoulder pass and bounce pass in a modified game of netball    
  3. control the direction of a netball when shooting for a hoop      
  4. create open spaces and move into position when shooting for a hoop    
  5. identify and describe the health-related components of fitness      
  6. jump and gain possession of the ball and pivot to pass the ball
  7. defend an attacking player
Observations of individual skill components during each lesson and formal assessment in Lessons 8 and 9. Students to be assessed on performance of skill and active involvement in class activities.
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: Chest pass and lob
Lesson 2: Shoulder pass and bounce pass
Lesson 3: Shooting for a hoop
Lesson 4: Creating open spaces
Lesson 5: Health and fitness
Lesson 6: Jump, pivot and pass
Lesson 7: Defending
Lesson 8: Assessment Lesson 9: Assessment

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