Health and Physical Education

Unit 2 – Year 6 – Athletics
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In Athletics, students participate in physical activities designed to enhance fitness and refine skills to perform athletic events required for their school carnival.
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 7, students learn to:        
  1. run fast (sprint)   
  2. accelerate when running      
  3. run a relay race and hurdles race       
  4. run 800 meters. Running over a longer distance is known as middle distance running        
  5. throw a weighted ball (shot-put)       
  6. throw a weighted disc (discus)      
  7. jump for distance (long jump)    
  8. jump for height (high jump)    
  9. move during high jump
Observations of individual skill components during each lesson and demonstration of skill at the school's athletics carnival. Students to be assessed on performance of skill and active involvement in class activities.
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: Sprinting
Lesson 2: Accelerating
Lesson 3: Relay races and hurdles
Lesson 4: 800-meter running
Lesson 5: Shot-put
Lesson 6: Discus
Lesson 7: Long jump
Lesson 8: Long jump
Lesson 9: High jump

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