Health and Physical Education

Unit 3 – Year 2 – Games Around the State
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In Games around the State, students refine and apply movement concepts and strategies to games including ball games, tennis and Newcombe ball.
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 5, students learn to:     
  1. control direction and power when throwing a chest pass     
  2. identify attack and defense opportunities in the game of Newcombe ball  
  3. perform a forehand strike with and without equipment    
  4. control the direction of a forehand strike
  5. perform a backhand strike
Lesson 1: Throwing a chest pass
Lesson 2: Throwing a chest pass 
Lesson 3: Newcombe ball
Lesson 4: Forehand strike
Lesson 5: Forehand strike
Lesson 6: Forehand strike
Lesson 7: Backhand strike
Lesson 8: Assessment
Lesson 9: Assessment
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: Running
Lesson 2: Changing direction 
Lesson 3: Underarm and overarm through
Lesson 4: Catching
Lesson 5: Throwing and catching
Lesson 6: Kicking
Lesson 7: Jumping
Lesson 8: Assessment

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