Indigenous Culture History and Identity

Foundation Year - Me and My Family 
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Students investigate their family history and use drawings about, and photographs and objects from, their family history.

They share their family history to identify similarities and differences between families. They relate their family history and respond to collaboratively developed questions in an interview. 
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 18, students learn to:
  • draw and label the people they live with
  • explain how people are related to each other in a family
  • draw a family web
  • identify five people who love and care for them
  • identify where they and their parents are from
  • describe places that are important to them
  • describe groups and teams that are important to them
  • describe their favourite things
  • create questions for their families to answer
  • create a family treasure chest
  • recognise events
  • describe events that are important to their family
  • share their important family events with their class
  • share their portfolios with their families and classmates. 
  • Knowledge and Understanding Test (Lesson 18)
  • Assessment Tasks for Portfolio (Lessons 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14) 
Complete This Unit
Lesson 1: My Home
Lesson 2: Family
Lesson 3: My Family Web
Lesson 4: My Top Five
Lesson 5: Where Do I Come From?
Lesson 6: Important Places to Me
Lesson 7: Important Groups and Teams to Me
Lesson 8: My Favourite Things
Lesson 9: My Favourite Things
Lesson 10: My Family Treasure Chest – Part 1
Lesson 11: My Family Treasure Chest – Part 2
Lesson 12: My Family Treasure Chest – Part 3
Lesson 13: All About Events
Lesson 14: My Family’s Events
Lesson 15: Sharing Important Events
Lesson 16: Portfolio

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