Indigenous Culture History and Identity

 Year 4 - Our Universe: Creation and Change over Time 
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Students learn about the creation of the universe, including cultural, religious and scientific theories such as the Big Bang. They learn that Earth orbits a star called the sun, that it rotates on a tilted axis, and how these things affect life on Earth.

Students learn how evidence can help us learn about Earth’s past flora and fauna and how they can adapt to their environment. They explore our universe as a continually growing and changing planet that needs to be looked after into the future.  
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 24, students learn to:
  • describe the universe within which we live and the scientific theory of its creation
  • create a model of the solar system
  • describe how the process of Earth’s rotation on its axis affects people
  • identify other beliefs as to how our world and the things in it were created
  • create a sundial to show an early way of telling time
  • examine the themes of Dreamtime stories
  • describe the fields that scientists work within, helping us to know more about our world in the past, present and future
  • explain likely theories as to why dinosaurs became extinct
  • describe the megafauna of Australia
  • examine a Dreamtime story that tells us about the Aboriginal peoples’ relationship with megafauna and reflect on what life was like in this period
  • describe the adaptations flora and fauna have made over time
  • create a postcard showing Australian megafauna
  • describe the adaptations flora and fauna have made over time
  • identify changes to the universe and justify personal ideas about the future of the universe. 
  • Students will complete a content test to demonstrate their knowledge of the unit of work.
  • Students will complete a rich task requiring them to create a game relating to a concept or topic learnt throughout the unit.
  • Students will complete set activities throughout the course of the unit and collate them in their history books.
  • These are referred to as portfolio items. 
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: Describe Universe  Part 1
Lesson 2: Solar System Activity
Lesson 3: Describe Universe  Part 2
Lesson 4: Telescope Activity  Part 1
Lesson 5: Describe Earth’s Movements
Lesson 6: Telescope Activity Part 2
Lesson 7: Identify Beliefs Part 1 Scientific
Lesson 8: Earth Orbiting Sun Activity
Lesson 9: Identify Beliefs Part 2 Religious
Lesson 10: Sundials Activity
Lesson 11: Examine Themes
Lesson 12: Themes Role Play Activity
Lesson 13: Describe Scientists
Lesson 14: Scientists Profile Activity
Lesson 15: Explain Dinosaurs
Lesson 16: ​Fossils Activity
Lesson 17: Describe Megafauna part 1
Lesson 18: The People of Australia Activity Part 
Lesson 19: Describe Megafauna part 2
Lesson 20: The People of Australia Activity Part 1
Lesson 21: Describe Adaptations Part 1
Lesson 22: Megafauna Postcard Activity
Lesson 23: Describe Adaptations Part 2
Lesson 24: Identify changes in the Universe

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