Indigenous Culture History and Identity

Year 1 - What Happened Long Ago? 
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Teaching resources

Students learn to describe the past, can discuss and compare how life was different in the past to today by viewing selected artefacts, and build their understanding of the cultural and/or historical importance of specific places. 
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 29, students learn to:
  • use common words to describe the sequence of time
  • create a timeline to show when important events in their lives happened
  • identify how machines and other inventions changed the way people live
  • create a simple machine which shows one way that work was made easier by the creation of machines and new inventions
  • identify traditional foods from Cape York
  • identify how changes have occurred over time and will assist in making bush bread
  • identify traditional houses and shelter developed in northern Australia
  • create a model of a traditional Indigenous shelter
  • identify traditional ways that the Indigenous Peoples of Australia communicated
  • identify traditional clothing from Cape York
  • create jewellery using salt dough
  • identify artefacts to learn about how people lived in the past
  • identify what a special place is and what makes it special
  • create a photo collage to show places in their school that are special to them
  • identify places and/or buildings of significance in their local community
  • create examples of rock art using traditional methods
  • identify the types of questions that can be asked to get the most information
  • identify how to conduct an interview with a community member elder
  • organise and conduct an interview with a member of the school community. 
  • Students will present a portfolio to showcase their understanding of the unit of work – What Happened Long Ago?
  • Students will complete a content test to demonstrate their knowledge of the unit of work – What Happened Long Ago? 
Complete This Unit
Lesson 1: Time Words
Lesson 2: A Timeline of My Life
Lesson 3: Time Observations
Lesson 4: Pictures of Time
Lesson 5: Changes from Past to Present
Lesson 6: Simple Machines
Lesson 7: Food Culture
Lesson 8: Bush Bread
Lesson 9: Traditional Housing
Lesson 10: Building a House
Lesson 11: Communications
Lesson 12: Building a House - continued
Lesson 13: Traditional Clothing
Lesson 14: Making Jewellery
Lesson 15: Identifying Artefacts
Lesson 16: Making Jewellery continued
Lesson 17: Traditional Games Part 1
Lesson 18: Traditional Games Part 2
Lesson 19: Traditional Games Part 3
Lesson 20: Traditional Games Part 4
Lesson 21: Special Places
Lesson 22: My School is Special
Lesson 23: Significant Sites 
Lesson 24: My School is Special - continued
Lesson 25: Rock Art
Lesson 26: Questions about the Past
Lesson 27: Preparing for an Interview
Lesson 28: Practicing an Interview
Lesson 29: The Interview
Lesson 30: Content Test
Lesson 31: Sharing Portfolios

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