Homework Club

Homework Club

GGSA’s Homework Club operates a structured literacy program for upper primary years students to support their reading outside of the classroom.

Homework Club expands students’ literacy and cultivates a love of reading and learning. It also helps:
  • close literacy gaps
  • build scholarly behaviour and self-regulation in goal setting, self-efficacy, self-reflection and time management
  • connect families to their children’s learning by supporting parents to read with their children and ensure they complete their homework
  • prepare students for high school, where homework is a daily task.

Homework Club uses Reading Laboratory as its reading program. It is designed to:

  • Develop comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, word analysis and study skills that help students become proficient, independent readers with strong comprehension skills and increased confidence
  • Build reading for pleasure into teaching and learning by using a wide array of quality fiction and non-fiction selections
  • Develop a sense of personal accountability as students take charge of their own learning.

Research highlights that homework, when delivered properly, has a positive effect on student learning and improves student performance. In upper primary, students have mastered basic reading skills, but the more reading, and therefore learning, they do, the greater their skills and knowledge.
Homework Club is consistent with the Queensland Government’s, Department of Education homework guidelines.

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