Indigenous Culture Arts, Material and Technologies

Year 5 – Designing Solutions
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Students investigate the technological change of products and environments over time. They identify and describe the competing considerations in the design of both traditional and modern products and environments. The contribution of design and technologies to meeting needs are also described. Students explain how the features of technologies impact of designed solutions. Following the design process, students meet the identified needs of users through the creation and modification of products and environments.
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 17, students learn to:
  • design products by following a process
  • evaluate early Indigenous technology and explain how it met needs
  • explain how Indigenous products are modified to meet present and future needs
  • identify whether a product is new or modified
  • suggest criteria for a water saving system
  • investigate different materials and how they can be joined
  • identify and investigate a local issue
  • brainstorm design solutions to a problem
  • make and test design solutions
  • evaluate and reflect on design solutions
  • share test results and redesign products
  • reflect on the project and their participation.
  • Knowledge and Understanding Test (Lesson 18)
  • Assessment Task (Lessons 7–16)
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Lesson 1: What is Product Design?
Lesson 2: Early Indigenous Technology
Lesson 3: Modified Indigenous Products
Lesson 4: Modified or New Design
Lesson 5: Thinking Like a Designer
Lesson 6: Materials and Products
Lesson 7: Investigating Issues
Lesson 8: Investigating Issues
Lesson 9: Brainstorming Solutions
Lesson 10: Brainstorming Solutions
Lesson 11: Modelling Products
Lesson 12: Modelling Products
Lesson 13: Evaluating Product Designs
Lesson 14: Evaluating Product Designs
Lesson 15: Communicate and Redesign
Lesson 16: Communicate and Redesign
Lesson 17: Reflection

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