Indigenous Culture Arts, Material and Technologies

Year 4 – Understanding Art
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Students enhance their knowledge and experience of art. They extend their awareness of the elements of art and visual conventions utilised by artists. Through collaboration and communication of ideas, students plan and make artworks using visual conventions, techniques and processes. Engagement with professional artists develops students’ understanding of what an art exhibition is and what it means to exhibit art.
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 17, students learn to:
  • recognise that art materials have changed over time
  • recognise that exhibitions are held for different reasons
  • recognise, describe and use design elements of art
  • identify techniques and symbols in indigenous art
  • identify the purpose and meaning of artwork
  • make a traditional piece from natural materials
  • use clay to make a coil pot
  • identify different styles of Australian Indigenous art
  • carve (or mould) an art piece to represent an indigenous totem
  • identify and use indigenous symbols in their own artwork
  • make prints using found objects to create a 2D art piece
  • recognise how Indigenous art is used to tell stories
  • collaborate to make an artwork
  • curate a class art exhibition
  • design an invitation to the class art exhibition
  • finalise the necessary work for the art exhibition
  • prepare and host an exhibition.
  • Knowledge and Understanding Test (Lesson 18)
  • Assessment Task: Collaborative Artwork (Lesson 13), Art Exhibition (Lessons 14–18)
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: What is Art?
Lesson 2: What is an Exhibition?
Lesson 3: Design and Elements of Art
Lesson 4: Techniques in Art
Lesson 5: Comparing Artworks
Lesson 6: Fibre Craft
Lesson 7: Clay
Lesson 8: Indigenous Art
Lesson 9: Sculpture
Lesson 10: Culture in Art
Lesson 11: Printmaking
Lesson 12: Stories Though Art
Lesson 13: Collaboration to Make an Artwork
Lesson 14: Planning an Exhibition
Lesson 15: Invitations
Lesson 16: Final Preparation
Lesson 17: Art Exhibition

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