Indigenous Culture Arts, Material and Technologies

Year 6 – What’s Your Story?
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Students explore how time, culture and place influences art with a particular focus on these art forms: body art, body adornment pieces and digital photography. As an artist, they will use inspiration from traditional and contemporary art forms to create and express their ideas through various creations and will write an artist’s statement for each piece of work to welcome an audience to their art. As a viewer, they respond to their own and others’ artwork and consider the artists’ intent using key questions.
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 17, students learn to:
  • recognise and explain how the elements of visual art can represent ideas
  • describe the influences of artworks from different cultures, times and places on art making
  • describe the elements of art and their purpose in Indigenous body art
  • describe the elements of art and their purpose in contemporary body art
  • identify traditional and contemporary art worn on the body
  • create a digital artwork based on place
  • create patterns and symbols that represent their place, time and culture
  • identify the meaning in others’ artworks and create their own viewpoint
  • experiment with different art forms
  • identify where and how art is exhibited
  • create artists statements to enhance the meaning of the artworks
  • create an artwork based on their place, time and culture
  • write an artist statement about their major work (personal pillar)
  • prepare for their art exhibition.
  • Knowledge and Understanding Test (Lesson 18)
  • Assessment Task (Lesson 18)
Complete This Unit 
Lesson 1: Elements of Art
Lesson 2: Influences on Art
Lesson 3: Traditional Indigenous Body Art
Lesson 4: Contemporary Body Art
Lesson 5: Body Adornment
Lesson 6: Digital Art
Lesson 7: Personal Patterns and Symbols
Lesson 8: Responding to Art
Lesson 9: Experimenting with Different Art Forms
Lesson 10: Local Artist Visit
Lesson 11: Exhibiting Art
Lesson 12: Creating an Artist Statement
Lesson 13: Major Work
Lesson 14: Major Work
Lesson 15: Write and Artist Statement
Lesson 16: Finish Major Work
Lesson 17: Exhibition Preparation

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