Indigenous Culture Performance

Foundation Year – Introducing Dance and Drama
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Students learn to define dance and drama, and describe where and why they’re made, including within their local community. They identify the key elements of dance and drama. Students discover basic movement skills before applying them during dance sequences. They learn to take on a role and setting in drama. Students use their own ideas to create and perform dances and dramas in front of an audience. 
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 7, students learn to:
  • find the four parts of dance
  • find and show movement skills
  • make a dance sequence perform a dance sequence
  • find the six parts of drama
  • create a drama
  • tell a story using drama.
  • Content Test 1 (Dance) to be completed during Lesson 4
  • Content Test 2 (Drama) to be completed during Lesson 8
  • Performance Task 1 (Dance) to be progressively completed during Lessons 2, 3 and 4
  • Performance Task 2 (Dance) to be completed during Lesson 7 
Complete This Unit
Lesson 1: What is Dance?
Lesson 2: Movement Skills
Lesson 3: Creating Dance
Lesson 4: Performing Dance
Lesson 5: What is Drama?
Lesson 6: Creating Drama
Lesson 7: Presenting Drama

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