Music for Learning

School Choir Years 3–6 

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School Choir Years 3–6 enables students to have an intensive and immersive musical learning experience. 
Lesson Objectives
Students will learn about:
  1.  working with others to achieve a common goal
  2.  developing their vocal technique
  3.  the techniques required to sing different styles of music
  4.  developing their confidence in performing for an audience.
Success Criteria
  • Audience response is positive.
  • Choir performance is high quality.
  • Parent and community engagement in Music for Learning program is increased.
  • Students’ passion for music and choral singing is ignited.
  • Students can sing music from a variety of different genres and styles.
If you are interested in partnering with Good to Great Schools Australia to run your own School Choir, contact [email protected].

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Success criteria

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