Indigenous Culture Performance

Year 6 – Communication Through Dance 
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Students learn to explain how the elements of dance, choreographic devices and production elements communicate meaning in dances. They describe and compare the characteristics of dances from different countries and cultures from the past, in the present day, and potentially into the future.

Students collaborate to structure movements in dance sequences and demonstrate dance skills in practising for and performing them for an audience. 
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 7, students learn to:
  • explain how elements of dance communicate meaning
  • identify and demonstrate technical and expressive skills
  • explain how choreographic devices communicate meaning in dance
  • explain how production elements communicate meaning in dance
  • describe dances from different contexts
  • collaborate to plan movements in dance sequences
  • demonstrate dance skills in a performance. 
  • Content test to be completed during Lesson 8.  
  • Dance sequence to be performed during Lesson 7 
Complete This Unit
Lesson 1: Elements of Dance
Lesson 2: Dance Skills
Lesson 3: Choreographic Devices
Lesson 4: Production Elements
Lesson 5: Describing Dance
Lesson 6: Creating Dance
Lesson 7: Audience and Dance

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