Indigenous Culture Performance

Year 1 – Telling Stories 
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Students explore storytelling through dramatic play, retelling common stories and creating stories based on feelings.
Learning Objectives
In Lessons 1 to 12, students learn to:
  • use their facial expressions to show feelings
  • use their bodies to represent an animal
  • create a series of freeze-frames in character
  • use their voices to create character
  • retell a story in character
  • retell an Indigenous story in character
  • identify the main idea of a story
  • tell a personal feeling story
  • create a freeze-frame feelings story
  • create a performance about friendship
  • use storyboards to plan a performance
  • perform a monologue in character.   
  • Knowledge and Understanding Interview (Lesson 12)
  • Assessment Task: Performance (Lessons 10–12) 
Complete This Unit
Lesson 1: Emotive Expressions​
Lesson 2: Animal Behaviours​
Lesson 3: Freeze-Frames
Lesson 4: Character Voices
Lesson 5: Retelling Stories
Lesson 6: Retelling Indigenous Stories
Lesson 7: Main Ideas in Stories
Lesson 8: Feeling Stories
Lesson 9: Freeze-Frame Feelings
Lesson 10: Friendship
Lesson 11: Planning Performances
Lesson 12: Monologue

Lesson Objectives

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