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Unit 4: Rehearsing for Performance - Composition Maestros
Years 3 and 4

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Unit 4: Rehearsing for Performance- Composition Maestros - Years 3 and 4 is a Music unit for Year 3 and 4 students. It aligns to the Australian curriculum content descriptions:
• Explore where, why and how music is composed and/or performed across cultures, times, places and/or other contexts (AC9AMU4E01).
• Explore how First Nations Australians use music to communicate their connection to and
responsibility for Country/Place (AC9AMU4E02).
Learning Objectives
In Weeks 1-10, students learn:  
  • how to compose music using a small range of pitches
  • how to perform their own compositions
  • how to listen to their own compositions
  • how to listen to other compositions.
Success Criteria 
  • Use the elements of music to describe the music compositions.
  • Identify and name traditional musical instruments and musicians from the Pacific Islands, Indigenous Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America in compositions.
  • Name and explain three elements of music in your own composition.
Continuous Assessments 
Continuous assessments are used to ascertain if the knowledge recently taught has been understood by the student. These include oral tasks administered to individual students or written tasks administered to the whole class for an entire lesson. Written tasks are completed in the Student Workbook.  

Progressive Tests 
A progressive test in week five is used to assess whether the knowledge over the past half a term or five weeks has been mastered and retained by the student. 

Final Assessment 
Final assessment occurs at the end of the unit in week ten and consists of a series of marked questions to assess understanding of the material taught in the previous ten weeks and provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of the unit. Teachers assess students’ work using a Guide to Making Judgements (GTMJ). 

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