Program Module

Teach Reading Mastery Transformations Years 4 and 5 

Teach Reading Mastery Transformations Year 4 and 5 (RMT 4-5) is a professional learning program module for teachers and teaching assistants. In this module, participants will understand the rationale for RMT 4-5 and how RMT 4-5 fits into Reading Mastery Transformations Reading programs. They will also understand critical teaching points, how to correct specific errors, how to conduct mastery tests, how to record assessment data and how to monitor and correct independent work in RMT 4-5.


  • Learn Effective Teaching Essentials
  • Deliver Direct Instruction


Assessment has two stages:
  • Test: Knowledge and skills taught in the lessons. 
  • Mastery evaluation: Delivery with students of the knowledge and skills learned in the lessons.


Participants are eligible for certification based on attendance and completion of assessment requirements for each module. · 
  • Certificate of Completion: Complete online training and knowledge and skills tests. · 
  • Certificate of Mastery: Pass knowledge and skills video Mastery evaluation.