Indigenous Culture

Good to Great Schools Australia’s range of ready-to-teach Arts, Materials and Technologies lessons and resources align to the Australian Curriculum. All lessons use explicit instruction pedagogy and content that cover Australian perspectives and learning outcomes. Lessons are formulated based on scientific evidence of how students best learn and are further informed by the emerging discipline of cognitive science.

Arts, Materials and Technologies

Our Arts, Materials and Technologies curriculum programs feature sequenced learning progressions with
built-in teaching techniques and practices that teachers can deliver systematically with mastery and flair. This
logical and structured approach builds on students’ previously acquired learning, which enables them to
master skills before progressing to more challenging tasks and to achieve cognitive growth from every lesson.

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Indigenous Culture AMT Years F–6

Our Indigenous Culture AMT Years F–6 curriculum program is built on evidence of how students learn best. The program uses automaticity, pacing and continuous assessment of learning to ensure students master all concepts and skills. Progress tests and end-of-unit assessments enable teachers to track students’ learning and adjust teaching practices to meet students’ needs. Students reach their appropriate grade level and become confident and engaged learners.

Access a complete toolkit of ready-to-deliver resources 

• Classroom-ready lessons
• Assessment framework
• Student Workbooks
• Teaching Guides
• Video tutorials