Oz-e-English Writing (Language) Years F–6

Use Australia’s most innovative writing program featuring explicit instruction

Ensure your students master writing 

Oz-e-English Writing (Language) is built on evidence of how students learn best. The program uses automaticity, pacing, and continuous assessment of learning to ensure students master all concepts and skills. Progress tests and end-of-unit assessments enable teachers to track students and adjust their teaching to meet students’ needs. Students reach their appropriate grade level and become confident and engaged learners.

Access a Complete Toolkit of Ready-to-Deliver Lessons 

• Classroom-Rready Lessons
• Assessment Framework
• Student Workbooks
• Teaching Guides
• Professional Teacher Learning Module.
Study from anywhere
Cutting-edge experts
Interactive webinar sessions
Study from anywhere
Cutting-edge experts
Interactive webinar sessions

Accelerate or extend learning based on student performance 

Oz-e-English Writing (Language) accelerates lower performing students, boosts higher performing students, and optimises learning growth in the least amount of time. 

Close the gap in writing achievement 

The explicit structure and sentence level approach enables schools to close the gap in writing achievement.

Integrate key learning areas

Oz-e-English Writing (Language) integrates other key learning areas including Humanities and Social Sciences through rich exemplar texts, writing tasks, discussions and activities.

Our Story

Good to Great Schools Australia exists so that every Australian child, no matter their background, attends a school that develops their potential.

We developed Oz-e-English Writing (Language) for teachers so they have a complete toolkit for effective and explicit teaching of sentence structure, language features and punctuation.  

We developed Oz-e-English Writing (Language) for students so they gain a solid foundation and understanding of the conventions of writing. Students build upon previous learning to improve their grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and vocabulary to apply this knowledge in all writing tasks within the classroom and beyond.

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