Teach DISTAR Arithmetic K
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Teach DISTAR Arithmetic K is a professional learning module for teachers and teaching assistants delivering the DISTAR Arithmetic program. 

This online module explores evidence-based practices and skills that professionals can immediately apply in the classroom and school to get the most out of this program. 

DISTAR Arithmetic K consists of 13 lessons that will help participants:

  • understand the rationale behind DISTAR Arithmetic K and describe the materials, placement testing, grouping, and use of positive praise
  • learn how to teach DISTAR Arithmetic K and progress through the learning tracks
  • understand potential problems and learn how to correct mistakes
  • learn how to conduct mastery tests and checkouts in DISTAR Arithmetic K and how to record assessment data.
Modules are built on the world’s best teaching practices using evidence-based lessons. All learning aligns with the Australian Principal and Teacher (AITSL) standards.

Good to Great Schools Australia's modules enable school leaders and teaching teams to align what and how their students need to be taught with what the teaching team needs to learn to teach them effectively. This ensures that the whole school can continuously develop and enhance its instructional repertoire to improve teaching, leading to improved results. 

Also, our online modules enable flexible learning that can be linked to school timetables or be completed at any other time.

Module components

Program overview
  • About Teach DISTAR Arithmetic.
  • Books containing the 160 lessons of DISTAR Arithmetic 1.
  • Overview of teacher and student materials included in the Teach DISTAR Arithmetic.
Prepare to teach
  • How to deliver DISTAR Arithmetic 1 placement tests.
  • How to organise a classroom and schedule for success.
  • Teaching strategies for effectively implementing DISTAR Arithmetic 1.
Engaging students
  • Signals.
  • Active monitoring.
  • Transitions and pacing based on individual need.
  • Teacher's role in engaging students
Checking for mastery
  • How to synthesise all teaching techniques in the module.
  • How to structure individual turns to receive important data about student mastery.
  • A correction guide for all 160 lessons.
  • How to use program and mastery test data to inform instruction in DISTAR Arithmetic 1.
Online and practical assessments
  • Online training and knowledge and skills tests to obtain a Certificate of Completion.
  • Pass the knowledge and skills video Mastery evaluation to obtain a Certificate of Achievement.
  • 71 in-program mastery tests used to evaluate students’ performance.