School Resource Partnership: free evidence-based resources for the whole school team

Oct 5
Good to Great Schools Australia (GGSA) is a non-profit organisation with the mission of developing and supporting the delivery of effective teaching in Australian schools. 

As a non-profit, we offer all schools and teaching professionals free use of our range of evidence-based curriculum, professional learning and school improvement resources. 

Schools and teaching professionals can access our resources by signing up for free membership of our website. 

We offer two main types of membership: 

1. Individual membership
(for individual teachers, instruction coaches and/or teaching assistants)

2. School Resource Partnership
(for the whole school team). 

Individual membership
is designed to give individual members of a school team a try of a limited number of curriculum units, professional learning modules and school improvement tools. It is limited to two units of Oz-e-science and Oz-e-English respectively, four modules, and the 8 Cycles of School Practice guide. 

School Resource Partnerships
are designed for the whole school team, so they include a wide variety of resources that can be used by everyone from teaching assistants and teachers to principals and instruction coaches. This includes the complete Oz-e-science and Oz-e-English programs from Foundation to Year 6, up to seven modules tailored to the school role and school improvement tools including mapping documents, classroom posters and the 8 Cycles of School Practice guide.

A School Resource Partnership can only be signed up to by a principal or deputy principal. You can sign up via this webpage

At Good to Great Schools Australia, our goal is for our individual members to try our resources, love them, and then upgrade to a School Resource Partnership by sharing the good news about our free offer with their principal or deputy principal. That's because our mission is to have school-wide effective teaching, not just individual classrooms.  

School Resource Partnership inclusions   

Oz-e-science F-6: Australia's only science program featuring explicit teaching. 

 the entire Oz-e-science program from Foundation Year to Year 6
 each year level has a Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space and Physics unit
it is mapped to the Australian Curriculum
 sequenced learning progressions
built-in pedagogical teaching techniques and practices
systematic, logical and structured approach 
builds on students' previously acquired learning 
enables students to master skills before progressing 
achieves cognitive growth in every lesson. 
strikes right balance between teacher-directed instruction and inquiry learning strategies

Oz-e-English Writing (Language) F-6: a ready-to-deliver toolkit for explicit teaching of English 

 classroom-ready lesson presentations  
assessment framework
student workbooks
teaching guides 
teacher professional learning module 

More curriculum programs built on the science of how students learn

Oz-e-writing 5-6 

Professional learning modules for the whole school team

Effective Teaching modules including Learn Effective Teaching Essentials, Deliver Positive High-Expectations Leadership, Embed Instructional Improvement, and more. 
Program modules to help schools deliver evidence-based programs such as Spelling Mastery, Connecting Maths Concepts, Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading, and more. 
Practice modules to help teachers work on specific, practical skills, such as administering placement tests, using signals, setting up the classroom and more. 
All modules are online and self-paced. 
All modules are aligned to AITSL national standards.
Certificate of completion is accepted by all states and territories toward maintaining teacher registration. 
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School improvement resources to support school-wide improvement

Mapping of evidence-based programs to the Australian Curriculum, including Spelling Mastery, Connecting Maths Concepts, Oz-e-science, and more. 
 Posters on effective teaching techniques 
 8 Cycles of School Practice guide including processes for school professional learning, classroom coaching, school and classroom data reviews, school professional conversations and more. 

Take advantage of this free offer for your school. 

Principals and deputy principals can sign up for a School Resource Partnership, giving their entire school team access to our range of evidence-based effective teaching resources. 

Simply follow the link below, complete the form, and you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the School Resource Partnership setup, including providing us details of your school team so we can arrange their access

Still not sure? Book a call with our School Partnerships team and get all your questions answered.