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Music for Learning Year F-6

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Empower Music and Generalist Teachers

As a subject in the Australian Curriculum, all students participate in music education in primary school. Despite this, most Australian primary schools do not have a specialist music teacher. Generalist teachers, while expected to teach music, can find music classes challenging.

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Photo of two children playing the trumpet to music they have learned as part of their Australian Curriculum

Music for Learning simplifies music education with ready-to-teach lessons for any teacher, specialist or not. It includes bespoke videos for non-musicians and adaptable content for music experts.

Discover an Evidence-Based Music Curriculum

Music for Learning combines sequenced lessons and scaffolded resources for optimised teaching. The curriculum is evidence-based on the Kodály pedagogy. It introduces students to key music concepts, progressing from concrete understanding to abstract music notation.

Music for Learning Years F–6

Image of Complete Music for Learning resources mapped to Australian Curriculum
Image of a group of students carrying instruments to play music they learned as part of the Australian curriculum

Lift Student Results Through Music Education

Evidence shows there are significant learning benefits for students who participate in music education including:

  • Enhanced cognitive development
  • Better memory and focus
  • Improved physical coordination skills
  • Higher self-discipline and commitment
  • More effective teamwork and social interaction
  • Boosted self-expression and stress relief.

Access a Complete Toolkit of Ready-to-Deliver Lesson

Music for Learning has a complete toolkit for delivering high-quality, evidence-based music lessons, including:

  • teaching-ready lessons with embedded videos
  • assessment framework
  • Student Workbooks
  • Teaching Guides
  • teacher professional learning module.

Develop Students’ Love of Music

Music for Learning centers on singing and instrumental play, teaching students percussion, ukulele, recorder, and piano, as well as music composition with acoustic instruments and iPad apps.

It enriches all students’ lives with music, offering self-expression and enjoyment, and provides talented individuals with advanced opportunities, all within their cultural context.

Image of teacher showing a student how to play music on the guitar as part of the Australian Curriculum.
Image of students in a band playing music as part of their Australian Curriculum

Enhance ACARA Cross-Curricular Priority Areas

Music for Learning includes links to ACARA cross-curricular priority areas Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia and Sustainability using music as a tool to help teach better understanding of these domains.

Rely on a Growing Body of Evidence

A trial of Music for Learning run in two campuses of the Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy found that over half of the Year 3–6 students were at higher than or comparable to national music levels for their age.

Image of music teacher showing students how to play a song as part of the Australian Curriculum
A group of teenagers with their instruments during music class as part of the Australian Curriculum.

Made in Australia for Australian Schools

Music for Learning embraces a diverse musical heritage, reflecting Australian, European, Indigenous, and global influences, and encourages local community engagement. It fully meets the Australian Curriculum standards, including ACARA cross-curricular priorities