8 Cycles of School Practice

GGSA provides all schools free access to the 8 Cycles of School Practice guide.

The 8 Cycles of School Practice includes the world’s best practices. Great schools use these cycles to drive effective teaching and student learning through routines and continuous improvement.

GGSA has built these practices into a unique framework that provides schools with an easy-to-follow structure so they can organise their practices into a seamless pattern of delivery. The digitised version enables schools to learn how to implement the best practices to optimise their improvement efforts.

In 2023, version 2 will include intelligent data collection. Schools can use the tool to capture data to monitor their delivery of the cycles of practice.

Illustration of the school improvement cycle in action
Image of teacher who is part of the school improvement cycle teaching students

The 8 Cycles of School Practice is based on evidence of the most efficient and effective ways to improve teaching quality, lift student attendance, and maximise and sustain student gains.

The 8 Cycles of School Practice guides school leadership and teaching teams to place effective teaching at the centre of their teaching efforts. The practices fit with whatever teaching pedagogies and programs a school uses.

The practices achieve the goals of the National School Improvement Tool and respond to best practices recommended by the Grattan Institute for teacher appraisal and feedback.