Mastery Teaching Pathway

Professional Development for Educators and School Teams

The Mastery Teaching Pathway (MTP) is GGSA’s professional learning platform. It provides certified school improvement training and coaching to school leaders and their teaching faculty by aligning the Australian national leadership and teaching professional standards to your schools’ improvement framework.

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What Professional Learning Modules Are Available?

Course Modules

These are the cornerstones of effective teaching and school improvement. Covering a wide array of topics, course modules are grounded in evidence-based practices and techniques essential for impactful teaching.

Program Modules

These modules delve deeper into specific subject areas like literacy, numeracy, science, and social sciences. They blend theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, enabling educators to apply and master new teaching techniques effectively.

Practice Modules

Tailored to refine specific techniques or practices, these modules offer in-depth exploration and understanding. They include additional resources, like instructional videos, to enhance learning and are often recommended based on individual classroom practice needs.


Personalised Development

You’ll receive an individual professional learning plan, ensuring your growth aligns with your unique goals and your school’s improvement objectives.

Versatile Application

The skills and knowledge you gain aren’t just theoretical – they’re designed for practical application in any Australian classroom, across various curriculums and pedagogies.

Flexible Learning

You can choose between pursuing a role-specific pathway or individual professional development modules – all online.

Rigorous Adherence to Standards

Our program is meticulously aligned with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership’s (AITSL) standards.

Who Is the Mastery Teaching Pathway for?


This pathway transforms principals into instructional leaders by equipping them with the skills they need to spearhead instructional improvements.

Instructional or Community Coaches

Ideal for school leads aspiring to become coaches, this pathway focuses on providing technical support for teaching and learning enhancement or child development and welfare.


The teachers pathway builds expertise in effective teaching methodologies, directly translating to improved student outcomes and academic success.

Teaching Assistants

Specifically designed for education support professionals, this pathway provides them with skills in effective teaching, child development and parent engagement.

“The professional learning modules are a perfect balance of developing understanding and modelling through practical application.”

Teacher, South Australia

“My favourite feature of the professional learning is that you do it at your own pace. You can sit at home on the weekend and do it, or you can sit at school and do it, during the holidays you can do it.”


Instruction Coach, Balranald Central School