Explore our Science curriculum program – evidence-based, ready-to-use, and tailored to Australian pespectives and outcomes. 

Oz-e-science: Physics

Physics units from F-6 including everything teachers need to effectively teach science.

Oz-e-science: Biology

Biology unit  including everything teachers need to effectively teach science.

Oz-e-science: Chemistry

Chemistry unit including everything teachers need to effectively teach science.

Oz-e-science: Earth and Space

Earth and Space unit including everything teachers need to effectively teach science.

Australia’s First Effective Teaching Science Program 

  • All lessons are designed alongside field experts.
  • Built-in teaching tips, progress tests, and end-of-unit assessments are included to guarantee effective outcomes. 
  • Easily accelerate or extend lessons to meet students’ learning needs. 

Mapped to the Australian Curriculum

Oz-e-science Mapped to the Australian Curriculum sets out science standards and learning area sub-strands of the Australian Curriculum V8.4 and shows how Oz-e-Science meets them.

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Get Your Students to Fall in Love with Knowledge 

Oz-e-science engages the natural curiosity of students and develops their love of science.

Students develop a sense of wonder about the universe through a curriculum and teaching approach that strikes a proportional balance between teacher-directed instruction and inquiry learning strategies. The content is designed to make science a part of each student’s life journey.

Develop the Confidence to Teach Science

Teaching science can be difficult, especially for generalist primary school teachers. Oz-e-science provides: 

  • Detailed guides and presentations for effective curriculum delivery.
  • Simplified, engaging classroom resources for complex scientific concepts.
  • Professional development module to maximise class outcomes. 


Improve Student Outcomes with a Strong Evidence Base

Oz-e-science combines world-leading teaching methods, blending teacher-directed and inquiry-based instruction for optimal results.

It incorporates insights from McKinsey & Company’s analysis of top education systems and Professor John Hattie’s research on instructional strategies across learning phases, providing you with the best teaching approach for every stage of the learning journey.

Oz-e-science Years F–6

Access the Complete Oz-e-science Toolkit

  • Classroom-ready lessons and assessment framework 
  • Student workbooks, teaching guides, and extracurricular extensions 
  • Teachers’ professional learning module.

E = mc2 – The Musical

E = mc2 – the Musical is the family engagement component of Oz-e-science Physics curriculum. Incorporating music, acted scenes, dance and science experiments, it is delivered as a schoolwide performance involving every student. Students and their families are also involved in pre-production activities such as making costumes and props.

Through songs, dance, raps and re-enactments of famous science experiment, the show explains the science behind Einstein’s brilliant achievement.

The musical expands students’ understanding and appreciation of physics while providing engaging opportunities for scientific learning.