Educator Pathways

Looking for a Structured Pathway for Professional Development?

Explore our four distinct pathways for educator professional development, designed to integrate individual growth with your school’s overall improvement plan. From enhancing practical teaching skills to mastering family engagement, our courses cover all aspects of expertise at various career stages.

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Pathways for Professionals

Principal Pathways

This pathway transforms principals into instructional leaders by equipping them with the skills they need to spearhead instructional improvements.

Instruction or Community Coaches

Ideal for school leads aspiring to become coaches, this pathway focuses on providing technical support for teaching and learning enhancement or child development and welfare.


The teachers pathway builds expertise in effective teaching methodologies, directly translating to improved student outcomes and academic success.

Teaching Assistant

Specifically designed for education support professionals, this pathway provides them with skills in effective teaching, child development and parent engagement.

The Four Progressive Stages of the Mastery Teaching Pathway


Alignment with AITSL Standards

MTP’s standards for principals and teachers are in full alignment with AITSL’s Australian Professional Standard for Principals and Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. This ensures that our training reflects the latest and most effective educational practices.

Continuing Professional Development for Teachers

In line with the requirements set by each Australian state and territory, we help educators fulfil their annual 20-hour professional development requirement for teacher accreditation. Completing just eight modules in any pathway will not only meet these requirements but also provide a certificate of completion detailing the learning outcomes.

Understanding the MTP Experience: Delivery, Assessment, and Participation

How Are Pathways Delivered?

Tailored Starting Point: Begin your journey at a development level that matches your current expertise in effective teaching.

Flexible Pace: Complete each stage, typically taking a year, at your own pace. Modules, lasting about 2.5 hours each, fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Role-Specific Requirements: Depending on your role, complete the requisite number of program training modules. For instance, teachers complete two modules in the foundation and proficient stages.

How Will I Be Assessed?

Continuous Testing: Each lesson within a module includes short tests to assess your understanding of the taught skills and knowledge.

Appraisal Assessment: Highlight the skills and knowledge you’ve gained at the end of a module through a video recording in a simulated classroom setting.

Mastery Evaluation: To complete your pathway, demonstrate your teaching mastery by recording yourself tackling a specific program or practice in an actual classroom.

What Participation Is Required?

Module Completion: Download, complete, and receive certification for each module. You can switch from individual modules to a full course anytime.

Customized Development Plans: Enrol in a course to receive a development plan detailing the specific skills, knowledge, and practices you need to excel in your role.

School-Wide Learning: For schools enrolling as a team, we offer the opportunity to unify individual learning journeys into a collective path towards school-wide improvement and excellence.


“I like the fact that when I was doing the professional learning, it questioned my knowledge and my understanding, but I didn’t feel threatened by it. It gave me information about what I do and validated what I believe.”


Instruction Coach, Northern Territory