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We are a not-for-profit dedicated to lifting education outcomes for all Australian students.

Our gift to schools and teaching professionals is the free use of our program range.

Our Program Range


Professional Learning

School Improvement

School Improvement

From lessons on personalised instruction to targeted intervention, our improvement programs are tailored to meet all school contexts and student needs. Share with staff on your own or lean on a GGSA-provided leadership coach.

Professional Learning Pathways

Our flexible learning modules teach practical skills for immediate application by teachers and school leaders. Accepted by state and territory teaching accreditation bodies. Courses include on-the-job assessment and coverage of all AITSL guidelines.

Evidence-Based Curriculum

Ready-to-teach lessons and resources for Australian primary school subjects. Our curriculum meets all Australian curriculum standards and uses Direct Instruction pedagogy and Australian subject matter. Updated annually.

Partnership Schools

We support the diverse needs of schools around Australia

Our programs are used by public, private, and independent schools in urban, regional, and remote areas across Australia. These schools range from those just starting on their improvement journey to top-performing schools.

Our programs are used by teachers with a range of expertise and experience – teachers at the beginning of their career or those with years of experience.

All students can learn when they are being taught effectively with an appropriate curriculum.

Our programs are successful with students from diverse, advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds as well as those with learning disabilities or difficulties and those who are simply not making enough progress.

Use Our Tools at No Cost

We want all schools to have great teachers delivering effective lessons to every child. Sign up today to access your free materials.

Two Ways to Incorporate GGSA


Teach Our Programs on Your Own

Our programs are flexible and easy to follow. Our partner schools have achieved significant improvement thanks to our Direct Instruction pedagogy and evidence-based programs tailored to their school and student cohort.

Use our Experienced Leadership Coaches

If more support is required, our expert leadership coaches guide schools on their improvement journey. Schools are provided with 1–3 years of support depending on their needs.

Snapshots of School Success


What Other Educators Are Saying About Us

Lessons are really good with clear and colourful pictures. The students love the moving clips.
— Teacher, Queensland

The professional learning modules are a perfect balance of developing understanding and modelling through practical application.
— Teacher, South Australia

Our students have made remarkable progress. The program is suited to our context and students needs. It provides consistent structure and process even where attendance of some students is unsatisfactory.
— Principal, Western Australia

Literacy in Remote Schools Program

Twenty-five schools participating in the Literacy in Remote Schools Program experienced significant growth in all NAPLAN literacy areas (reading, writing, spelling, and grammar and punctuation) compared with all Australian and very remote Indigenous schools.

Schools involved in the program from 2015 to 2017 averaged the following growth:

in Writing, compared to 13% Australian average growth
and 24% growth for very remote indigenous schools.

in Spelling, compared to 23% Australian average growth
and 48% growth for very remote Indigenous schools.

in reading, compared to 19% Australian average growth
and 34% growth for very remote Indigenous schools.

in Grammar, compared to 15% Australian average growth
and 28% growth for very remote Indigenous schools.

Our Effective Teaching Outcomes

A 2016 independent survey of teachers and principals using our effective teaching programs showed that students were:


Improving their English oral language skills


Learning faster and becoming more confident


Building better educational habits and routines

Our Growing School Network

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School Partnerships

Warruwi School

In 2014, the Warruwi School introduced Direct Instruction (DI) at all year levels but wanted more support with implementation.
In 2015, Warruwi joined Good to Great Schools Australia’s Literacy in Remote Schools Program, which is funded by the Australian Government.
The School appointed an instruction coach to work with teachers and leadership to ensure the behaviour management components were fully embedded.
GGSA assigned a school improvement coach to work with Warruwi’s school leadership on their improvement journey.
Warruwi struggled with low student attendance, but its students exceeded the program’s average rate of student lesson progress and mastery. Warruwi’s success in the program can be attributed to key implementation factors including providing 2.5 hours of literacy instruction per day and having high instructional leadership.

St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic School, Carnarvon

In 2014, in response to stagnated student results, St. Mary’s introduced Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI). The school had researched and studied the work of internationally respected educationalist Professor John Hattie.

St. Mary’s signed up for Good to Great Schools Australia’s Literacy in Remote Schools Program, which is funded by the Australian Government. The school’s primary teachers attended the pre-training and were provided with GGSA’s literacy curriculum. The school was also allocated a GGSA coach to provide implementation support.

Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy

The Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy (CYAAA) is a small group of remote Indigenous schools that implement:

  • effective teaching
  • the 8 Cycles of School Practice
  • teacher and leadership development
  • parent and family engagement to lift attendance and student readiness.

The number of CYAAA students reaching grade level, achieving the top NAPLAN national level and completing secondary school is increasing year on year.

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The prospects for Australian children should not be determined by their ethnicity, location or socio-economic status. We seek to equal the playing field for disadvantaged children.

Your tax deductible donation goes directly to purchasing readers and resources for students.

“This beautiful young girl from our Cape York Academy received Direct Instruction as a prep student. She is now putting together the magical pieces of the reading jigsaw. She is only four years old and on the way to reading by the time she starts her first year of primary school.”

 -Noel Pearson

Co-Chair, Good to Great Schools Australia

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