Guugu Yimithirr Playschool

Launched in October 2021 by the Alliance of Guugu Yimithirr People, the Playschool fills a crucial gap in the early education of children in the community.

This free playschool in Hope Vale is led by trained local grandmothers and invites parents and grandparents to engage actively in their children’s education from the start. 

Empowering Disadvantaged Young Learners

All children, especially those born into disadvantaged circumstances, need early education intervention to ensure cognitive, social and emotional development.

Without effective early education, children often start school behind in key areas like language, literacy, numeracy, and self-regulation.

“What excites me the most about Playschool is that it is available to all children, not just those of working parents. We have a full education program which includes developing literacy skills, so our children are ahead when they start school and no longer behing.”


Coordinator, Guugu Yimithirr Playschool

Guugu Yimithirr Playschool develops children to be fully ready for their first day of primary school teaching them key skills such as literacy and how to follow a routine or adhere to instructions.

Community and family involvement is vital for the success of this initiative, so the program continually develops strategies to engage parents and leaders.

Community And Family Engagement For Early Success

Staff support parents by coaching them on reading with their child, supporting their readiness for Prep and educating them on ways to support their child.

Parents spend time playing with their children during some activities and receive training themselves during others. While their child is receiving instruction, parents attend parenting support sessions or have honest conversations about the specific needs of their children.

Age-Appropriate Curriculum

The Guugu Yimithirr Playschool curriculum blends early reading and writing with play, tailored to children’s interests. It features a Direct Instruction Kindergarten program focusing on English language skills through storybook reading with parent and child participation. 

Additionally, the curriculum includes music and singing to foster creativity and confidence, along with musical play and group activities to enhance numeracy skills.