Join Noel Pearson’s Free Webinar on Direct Instruction: Registrations Now Open

Written by Natasha

May 22, 2024

Are you looking to demystify Direct Instruction (DI) and implement evidence-based educational programs? Want to get good advice on how to improve your implementation? Registrations are now open for a free webinar with Good to Great Schools Australia’s (GGSA) founder, Noel Pearson. This first-of-its-kind online event will delve into the power of DI and how it can revolutionise teaching and learning at your school.

This webinar will be held Wednesday 19 June at 6.30 pm AEST

Webinar Topic 1: Origins of Direct Instruction

At its core, Direct Instruction was crafted with the belief that every child can learn, given the right instruction. Pearson’s exploration into this pedagogical model will shed light on its evidence-based methodology, which has been fine-tuned through decades of research and application. He will illustrate why he believes DI inventor Siegfried Engelmann was the greatest educational theorist of the 20th century and that his Theory of Instruction, written with protege Doug Carnine, is the educational equivalent of Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica or Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.

Read Noel Pearson’s Siegfried Engelmann’s legacy: teach first and ask questions later

Webinar Topic 2: Introducing Direct Instruction in Cape York

This segment of the webinar will journey through GGSA’s implementation of Direct Instruction in Cape York, highlighting the tangible changes and profound impacts it has had on education in these communities. Pearson’s insights will draw on empirical evidence and personal anecdotes to demonstrate how DI has not only improved literacy and numeracy outcomes but also fostered a culture of academic excellence and high expectations.

Read more on the Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy here

Webinar Topic 3: Instructional Design of Direct Instruction 

This exploration into the instructional design of Direct Instruction offers a comprehensive look into the deliberate and thoughtful construction of a pedagogical approach that has the power to transform education. Pearson will give an overview of five important concepts that are built into DI programs:

  • Model, Lead, Test
  • Examples, Rule, Generalisation
  • Spaced Practice
  • Mastery Learning
  • Tracks

Read more about Good to Great Schools Australia’s approach to instructional design on our explicit instruction webpage.

Webinar Topic 4: Good to Great Schools Australia is the Australian Institute of Direct Instruction  

For two decades, Good to Great Schools Australia has steadfastly contributed to the understanding and implementation of DI in Australian schools. In this segment, Pearson will introduce viewers to GGSA’s comprehensive support systems, professional development programs, and resources, ensuring that educators are well-equipped to bring about meaningful change in their classrooms.

Read more about how Good to Great Schools Australia helps schools improve teaching outcomes and empower vulnerable students through Direct Instruction.

Webinar Topic 5: Q & A with Noel Pearson 

Towards the conclusion of the upcoming webinar, we have allocated time specifically for a question and answer session. This segment promises to be an enriching opportunity for all attendees to engage directly with Noel Pearson on the webinar content.

Participants are encouraged to prepare their questions in advance (questions can be emailed to or formulate them during the webinar to make the most of this interactive session.

Questions can be submitted through the webinar’s chat function or attendees may also raise their hands and ask their questions live.

This Q&A session is designed to deepen your understanding, allow for clarification, and provide insights that can be applied in your educational settings. We urge educators to leverage this invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas and seek advice from a leading voice in education.

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