Noel Pearson event: Scaling up success in majority Indigenous schools

Written by Louise

November 1, 2023

The current education system is struggling to support majority Indigenous schools. Policy and ideology has to change if we want improvement.

One of Australia’s most pressing public-policy challenges is to overcome poor education outcomes suffered by Indigenous students. Although much of the education establishment has failed to lift education standards and practices, Noel Pearson has shown a sound path forward.

Join the Centre for Independent Studies at this live in-person event in Sydney on Tuesday, May 18 to hear from Noel and Federal Education Minister Alan Tudge on how more majority Indigenous schools across Australia can overcome the educational odds.

The Centre for Independent Studies is committed to advancing research that promotes policy and practice to help counter educational disadvantages faced by Indigenous students; especially those in remote communities.

Noel Pearson has spent decades advancing reform on native title, economic development, and social policy. He is Director of Strategy of Cape York Partnership and Co-Chair of Good to Great Schools Australia. Noel has been a forceful proponent of education reform and works in partnership with government and business to advance education opportunities for Australian children.

Alan Tudge MP is the Federal Member for Aston and Minister for Education and Youth. He has been involved with multiple community organisations, including being one of the co-founders of “Teach for Australia”, a national non-profit which targets top graduates from non-teacher faculties and fast-tracks them into teaching in disadvantaged schools.

Glenn Fahey (Host) is a Research Fellow in Education Policy, specialising in education finance and accountability and formerly held both policy and research-intensive positions at the OECD’s Centre for Educational Research and Innovation. He is the author of several upcoming CIS publications advancing policy to address Indigenous educational disadvantage.

Covid Guidelines*
On the day you will be asked to check-in to comply with Covid regulations. If you are feeling unwell or have symptoms on the day, we respectfully ask that you do not attend this event. In this event, you will receive a ticket refund (less any administrative/booking fees).

Can’t watch live? Watch it on Centre for Independent Studies’ YouTube or listen on SoundCloud, at a later stage.

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