Outback school combines science and visual arts in end-of-unit assessment

Written by Louise

November 1, 2023

A school in Mount Isa has creatively integrated its end-of-unit science assessment with other key learning areas to reinforce learning across subjects.

The early years class at St. Kieran’s Catholic Primary School combined its Oz-e-science end-of-unit project with their Visual Arts class to create dioramas demonstrating their science skills.

The photos below show how the teachers at St Kieran’s used the Oz-e-science Guide to Making Judgements  (found in their Teaching Guides) to grade their students’ dioramas.

Good to Great Schools Australia School Improvement Coach Duncan Exton, who coaches the leadership team at St. Kieran’s, said it was an encouraging sign of early success in implementing the new Oz-e-science curriculum.

“This school was able to merge their Technology/Design units and Visual Arts in order to give students the extra time needed to complete the science units fully,” said Duncan.

“It’s a great example of what schools do all the time to give students the opportunity to complete units of work and to make learning exciting,” he continued.

“It also demonstrates the school’s attention to the assessment created by Good to Great Schools Australia for the investigations in the Biology science unit in lessons 8 and 9,” said Duncan.

About Oz-e-science

For more information about our innovative Oz-e-science curriculum, which is the complete toolkit for teaching and engaging students in science effectively, check out our free samples kits here [UPDATE LINK].

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