There are four roles in each school’s teaching faculty. You can complete individual modules or undertake a pathway-specific professional development course.

The Mastery Teaching Pathway is a unique professional learning platform. It supports:

· schools that are seeking to enhance their whole team practice and achieve greater coordination of their school-wide teaching effort

· individual teaching professionals who want to develop and enhance their effective teaching practice.

There are discrete learning pathways for principals, instruction coaches, teachers and teaching assistants.

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Instructional Leader

Instructional Leader:

Principals becoming instructional leaders to lead instructional improvement in their schools. 
Instruction Coach

Instruction Coach (or Head of Curriculum):

Senior teachers or leaders becoming coaches to provide targeted specialist coaching instructional support to the teaching team.


Teachers becoming effective teaching experts to teach to mastery and improve student outcomes.
Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant:

Teaching assistants becoming skilled, effective teaching support with expertise in effective teaching, child development and parent engagement.


Tests are contained throughout each lesson covering the skills and knowledge being taught. There are two types of tests called check your understand and test your understanding. Each lesson contains two or more short tests.

Appraisal assessment is a video recording of you demonstrating the knowledge and skills taught throughout the module in a staged simulated classroom with you teaching the assigned exercises.
Mastery evaluation is a video recording of your day-to-day teaching of your class in your classroom. It is focused on the teaching of a specific program or practice.

Participation in Courses

You can download and complete each module and receive a certification of completion. If you decide you want to do more and switch from a module to doing a full course, you can do so at any time. All your past completions of modules will be added to your history.

When you enrol in a course it starts with you completing a development plan. The development plan is then customised with the specific modules that will best address your unique development needs. The development plan articulates an outline of skills, knowledge and practice. It sets out the starting point and milestone developments to accomplish along the way and development level at the end of the journey. Individuals then work through the specific modules that are selected for them. 

The learning enables participants to practice effective teaching with any pedagogy, curriculum or education program in any classroom and school.

When a school undertakes courses for their whole team, they have the ability to link all their individual professional learning into one school-wide learning plan and improvement plan. 
Participation in courses