8 Cycles of School Practice

Enhancing Educational Practice with the 8 Cycles of School Practice

The 8 Cycles of School Practice is a research-backed framework designed to improve teaching quality, boost student attendance and sustain academic achievement. It guides school leadership and teaching teams to focus on effective teaching, adaptable to various pedagogies and programs.

Watch the video to learn more about how the 8 Cycles of School Practice support school improvement.

Aligning with National Standards and Global Best Practices

The 8 Cycles of School Practice meet the National School Improvement Tool’s goals and are in line with the Grattan Institute’s recommendations for teacher appraisal and feedback. They encapsulate global best practices for continuous improvement in teaching and student learning.

We provide all schools with free access to these practices.

GGSA’s Innovative Framework and Data-Driven Approach

Good to Great Schools Australia (GGSA) has crafted a unique framework to provide a structured, easy-to-follow model, now digitized for ease of use and implementation. Version 2 of our web app introduces intelligent data collection, aiding schools in monitoring and refining their practice delivery.

Watch the video to find out how schools are using data collection to inform the improvement efforts.