Instruction Coach (or Head of Department) Pathway

Pathway for senior teachers or leaders becoming coaches to provide targeted specialist coaching instructional support to the teaching team.
Learn Effective Teaching Essentials
Build Positive High-Expectations School Communities
Master Instructional Leadership Essentials
Lead a Positive High-Expectations School
Implement the School Improvement Plan
Support Families in Positive High-Expectations Schools
Embed Continuous Improvement Cycles
Embed Positive High-Expectations Practices
 Lead a School Community
Lead Collaborative Practice
Lead Collaborative Practice
Influence School Improvement
Practice Modules
  • Teach Fluently and Clearly
  • Teach to Mastery
  • Track Responses to Check
  • Understanding Use Signals
  • Use Individual Turns
Assigned by coach
  • Administer Independent Work
  • Administer Program Assessments
  • Remediate and Retest