All modules are designed with an explicit instruction framework to enhance participant engagement and learning.

Course Modules

A range of specialised evidence-based modules that cover the knowledge, skills and practice of effective teaching practices and techniques. These modules enable participants to practise the skills they are learning.

Effective Teaching

Learn Cycles of School Practice
Deliver Cycles of School Practice Coaching
Embed Instructional Improvement
Support Instructional Improvement

Positive High Expectations

Build Positive High-Expectations School Communities

Support Families in Positive High-Expectations Schools
Deliver High-Expectations Behaviour Strategies
Deliver Positive High-Expectations Coaching

School Improvement

Coach Peers in School Improvement
Coach School Improvement
Influence School Improvement
Collaborate for Student Success
Coach Collaborative Practice
Lead Collaborative Practice

Program Modules

A range of specialised evidence-based modules that cover the knowledge, skills and practice of effective teaching practices and program specific requirements. These modules enable participants to practise the skills they are learning.

Administer Direct Instruction

Administer Placement Testing

Placement Tests

Placement Tests


Teach Guugu Yimithirr Language


Lead and Coach Music for Learning
Teach Music for Learning Year F–6
Deliver Annual School Performance

Indigenous Culture

Lead and Coach Culture Program

Teach Indigenous Culture Year F–6


Lead High 5
Coach High 5
Teach High 5
Support High 5

Practice Modules

A range of specialised evidence-based modules for teaching professionals who have completed course modules but want to perfect their delivery of a particular technique or practice or are struggling to deliver it effectively. These modules enable teaching professionals to immerse themselves in knowing why the technique or practice is so crucial and how they can achieve success in it.

Teaching Techniques

Lead (We Do)

Practice Correct Errors
Practice Model Student Responses
Practice Addresses Specific Group Errors
Practice Administer Independent Work

8 Cycles of School Practice

Cycle 1: School Professional Learning

Practice Manage School Professional Learning
Practice Pass Assessments

Cycle 2: Coaching

Practice Conduct Coaching

Practice Apply Improvement and Mastery
Practice Demonstrate Mastery to Teaching Team

Cycle 3: School Data Review

Practice Assess School Context
Practice Set, Manage and Review School Improvement Plan
Practice Implement Improvement Plan
Practice Place Students Correctly in Program
Practice Hold Data Reviews

Cycle 4: Classroom Data Review

Practice Classroom Data Wall

Cycle 5: Professional Conversations

Practice Use Evidence to Discuss Successes and Challenges
Practice Apply Evidence-Based Learnings
Practice Use Evidence to Discuss Successes and Challenges with Peer Schools
Practice Apply Evidence-Based Learnings with Peer Schools

Cycle 6: Professional Conversations

Practice Host Weekly Lesson Practice

Cycle 7: School Improvement Partnership

Practice Build Positive Expectations with School Community
Practice Set Targets and Actions
Practice Provide Improvement Updates to School Community
Practice Organise Parent and Community Involvement
Practice Share Strategies and Actions with Community
Practice Share Term Report Across the School Community
Practice Lead Target Setting with Teaching Team

Cycle 8: Parent Classroom Engagement

Practice Distribute Student Report Cards to Parents

Practice Hold Influencing Conversations with Parents
Practice Schedule Parent Classroom Visits
Practice Share Student Data with Parents

School Improvement


Practice Settle School Learning Program
Practice Implement Recruitment and Retention Strategy
Practice Timetable Students and Teachers to Programs
Practice Volunteer Support for After-School Activities

Positive High Expectations

Practice Develop School-Wide Behaviour Plan

Practice Follow School-Wide Behaviour Plan Duties
Practice Follows School-Wide Behaviour Management Plan
Practice Lead Behaviour Management Term Review

Continuous Improvement

Practice Set School Community Compact
Practice Communicate School Improvement Journey
Practice Manage School Attendance Strategy
Practice Address Priority Actions
Practice Replicate Improvement Actions

High 5’s

Practice Map Case Management Targets for Students

Practice Implement a High 5 Strategy
Practice Implement Attendance Strategy
Practice Set Weekly Classroom Attendances Strategies
Practice Lead Student Development Team to Review Active Cases

Special Needs

Practice Identify Student’s Needs and Verify Disabilities
Practice Differentiate Instruction for Students with Identified Needs
Practice Develop and Monitor Individual Student Support Plans

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