Teaching Assistant Pathway

Pathway for teaching assistants becoming skilled, effective teaching support with expertise in effective teaching, child development and parent engagement.
Learn Effective Teaching Essentials
Build Positive High-Expectations School Communities
Master Instructional Leadership Essentials
Lead a Positive High-Expectations School
Implement the School Improvement Plan
Support Families in Positive High-Expectations Schools
Embed Continuous Improvement Cycles
Embed Positive High-Expectations Practices
 Lead a School Community
Lead Collaborative Practice
Lead Collaborative Practice
Influence School Improvement
Practice Modules
  • Teach Fluently and Clearly
  • Teach to Mastery
  • Track Responses to Check
  • Understanding Use Signals
  • Use Individual Turns
Assigned by coach
  • Administer Independent Work
  • Administer Program Assessments
  • Remediate and Retest