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How to Become a Special Education Teacher in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

There is a structured pathway designed to equip prospective teachers with the necessary qualifications and experience for entering the field of special education in Australia.. This process ensures that educators are well-prepared to meet the unique needs of students...

Practical Strategies for Supporting Student Wellbeing in Australian Classrooms 

Creating a nurturing and supportive environment is crucial for the wellbeing of young students. This article outlines practical strategies tailored to support student wellbeing in Australian classrooms. It focuses on actionable methods for creating a positive learning...

Why Your Child’s School Attendance Matters

In this article, we will discuss why school attendance matters, the benefits of aiming for 100 per cent attendance, the consequences of missing school, strategies to achieve 100 per cent attendance, understanding and addressing attendance barriers, the role of parents in supporting regular attendance, and seeking support when attendance issues arise.

Teaching Special Education Using Direct Instruction 

In an educational landscape that prioritises diversity and inclusivity, Direct Instruction (DI) is a key tool for teaching students in a special education environment. Its structured methodology provides a robust foundation for educators striving to accommodate...

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