Curriculum Articles

How to Teach Pre-Writing Skills Using Explicit Direct Instruction  

Pre-writing skills are the bedrock of a child's ability to write. Early development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and pencil grip is crucial. For example, fine motor activities like cutting with scissors, stringing beads, and manipulating playdough help...

Teaching the PEEL Paragraph Structure Using Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) in Australian Classrooms 

The PEEL paragraph structure is a crucial tool for developing students' writing skills, particularly in constructing logical and persuasive arguments. This article explores the significance of PEEL in English instruction and its alignment with the Australian...

English, Maths and Science Program Continues to Build on Remote School Success  

Good to Great Schools Australia will continue to deliver its pilot program supporting primary schools nationwide to improve students’ literacy, numeracy and science outcomes.

The program will also increase teacher pedagogical skills using evidence-based explicit instruction programs and professional learning for entire school teams.

Why Your Child’s School Attendance Matters

In this article, we will discuss why school attendance matters, the benefits of aiming for 100 per cent attendance, the consequences of missing school, strategies to achieve 100 per cent attendance, understanding and addressing attendance barriers, the role of parents in supporting regular attendance, and seeking support when attendance issues arise.